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Simple, Yet Important Tips To Improve Your Twitter Profile

While Twitter maybe making some big changes in the near future, including their expanded 280 character count copy limit, there are a few things right this minute that you can do to make your Twitter presence more valuable. One is by optimizing your Twitter profile. Unlike other social network profiles, Twitter is much more restricted […]

The Power Of The Review

Did you know that 88 percent of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase? Did you also know that 67% of consumers notes that a bad review has prevented them from using a particular service? Having customer reviews in 2017 can create great revenue for a business. It can also create a disaster for […]

How Social Media Can Help With Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy is important for any business looking to make money. It is the framework of how your company is going to execute the overall marketing process. Putting a marketing strategy though isn’t always the easiest. It takes time and effort. For some just deciding where to start can be a challenge. Well […]