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Two New Features Every Business That Utilizes Social Media Should Be Aware Of

Social media isn’t like traditional media. There is no rate card, spot times and postage levels. Social media is an extremely fluid medium that is constantly changing and improving. Improving on almost a daily basis! So while some updates are minor and not that noticeable there are two recently that are pretty big. The first […]

The Art of Retargeting

Did you know that only an estimated 2% of visitors convert (or make a purchase) during their first visit to a website? That isn’t very much. So how do you overcome that? How does that conversion number increase? The answer – retargeting. Retargeting is a strategy that has been extremely effective at re-engaging visitors that […]

Ways To Build Up A Quality Instagram Following

Instagram was once a simple photo sharing social network with filters that people shared with their friends. It isn’t like that any more. Today in 2017, Instagram has become an extremely powerful and influential social medium. From Instagram Stories to Live Video, Instagram has become extremely sophisticated and much more advanced. So how do you […]