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Understanding the Current State of Social Media Algorithms and How to Adjust

Unlike traditional marketing mediums that pretty much don’t change, social media is constantly changing and changing at a rapid pace. In fact, every day all the major social networks are making updates. While some are subtle, some are big. That includes their algorithms. Algorithms determine what is shown and what it isn’t, in user’s news […]

Why Instagram Stories Should Be Part Of Your 2018 Social Media Strategy

With not just Facebook updating their algorithm to be more friends and family focused, Instagram is following along the same path. In fact, only about 10 percent of your followers now see your Instagram posts organically. So what as a digital marketer should you do? One option that still works is by taking out your […]

Ways To Build Up A Quality Instagram Following

Instagram was once a simple photo sharing social network with filters that people shared with their friends. It isn’t like that any more. Today in 2017, Instagram has become an extremely powerful and influential social medium. From Instagram Stories to Live Video, Instagram has become extremely sophisticated and much more advanced. So how do you […]

Instagram Is More Than Just Photos & Videos

As of June, 2013, Instagram, the photo (and now short video) sharing social network has surpassed 130 million users sharing over 16 billion photos. But this incredibly powerful and popular social network is more than making any smartphone user with a camera look like a professional photographer or videographer.  Instagram has a tremendous amount of […]