Twitter is one powerful social network. Everyone from the President to the Pope has an account and Tweets are being posted faster than you can blink. But besides crafting the best Tweet it is very important to have an optimized Twitter bio.

Twitter Bio Many overlook that 160 character piece of real estate Twitter allows each profile to have. It is though the first impression you give to potential Twitter followers. That area is a big factor if a person and or business chooses to follow you or not.  A great personal Twitter bio should include a bit of personal and professional experience, possibly an interest and end with a tease or open ended question. A great brand Twitter bio should  include not just what you provide or do as a business but how you can benefit people and society.

But with all the things you should do, there are also things you should stay away from. For one don’t include the term “ninja” in your bio. The true definition of the word most likely has nothing to do with you or your business and it is one buzz-word that is extremely overused and unoriginal. Also, stay away from the word “expert”. No matter how much a business or person says they are an expert of something, they can’t possibly know EVERYTHING. Even Einstein made mistakes and using the word expert in your profile can only bring you down and never bring you up.

Many Twitter handles don’t include any information at all. That is a huge mistake and a complete missed opportunity. You may think everyone knows who you are but unless you are the American president, not everyone does! A bio-less bio simply makes you look lazy!

Twitter can provide a business with a huge opportunity for growth. You need to though utilize it at its full potential! Don’t use tools like Be original, it will benefit you in the long run! For more information on how to best optimize your Twitter page for maximum impact contact The Interactive Imprint today at 954-254-1650 or visit