You may or may not have noticed but Facebook recently introduced their support of clickable hashtags. Now, similar to Twitter, when you add a hashtag to a keyword in a Facebook post, it will automatically make it hyper. For marketers this can be very powerful in getting in front of others that aren’t currently familiar with your brand or company.

Facebook-HashtagBut hashtags shouldn’t just be utilized for status updates. They can also be very powerful for promoting events. Here are a few tips to best apply them for your next webinar, conference or other social get together:

  • Be Unique – It’s important to pick a hashtag that’s not currently being used or that can attract different audiences. If a person finds your event via a hashtag but is completely irrelevant, it won’t get tweeted or shared or if it does, it will probably go to an audience you are aren’t looking to attract.
  • Simplicity – Short and sweet hashtags are not only easier to remember and spell, but they give event attendees more character space when sharing, especially on Twitter where there is a 140 character limit.
  • Think Before You Assume – Not every event name or topic will sound good as a hashtag. Research the tag before you post it as some hashtags may coincidentally form a word in another language, which could result in two very different streams colliding and becoming very confusing.
  • Monitor & Listen – The hashtag will not only be a way to get attendees to engage with the event, but to get attendees to engage with each other. You’ll be able to track the conversations and utilize the feedback for future events.

Hashtags for Facebook is still relatively new and a lot of trial and error will be needed to make them successful. If though with enough practice and monitoring a simple hashtag can bring a whole new and much bigger audience to your next event.

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