As of June, 2013, Instagram, the photo (and now short video) sharing social network has surpassed 130 million users sharing over 16 billion photos.

Instaquote lets you add words to your Instagram photosBut this incredibly powerful and popular social network is more than making any smartphone user with a camera look like a professional photographer or videographer.  Instagram has a tremendous amount of marketing value and potential.

One way you may or may not have heard of is by utilizing a third party app called Instaquote. Available for  both iOS and Android platforms in free and paid versions, Instaquote allows users to create beautiful text pictures using a variety of filters, backgrounds and fonts that you can easily share on Instagram and other social networks. It also allows users to add text right into existing photos.

For a business, utilizing Instaquote has a lot of benefits, including:

  • Getting your company’s voice and mission out to a new audience that may not know much about you.
  • A way to visually stand out from the photos most users are used to seeing when they are using Instagram.
  • Providing inspirational and motivational quotes to your followers that will make your company memorable.
  • A way to provide subliminal messages about your products and services in a creative and unique way.

Currently Instagram gets 8500 likes per minute. That number could perhaps double once more people and businesses upload not just photos, videos and hashtags to the popular social network but creative text pictures as well.

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