With the cost of gas and airfare skyrocketing, teleconferencing and video conferencing  have not become a more cost-effective alternative but also very common for businesses and other social groups. Many use Go-To-Meeting, Skype and Webex to name a few, but what about Google + Hangouts?

Google Plus Hangout A Great New Customer Service ToolGoogle+ Hangouts offers a variety of benefits for those who wish to use its live conferencing capabilities for customer service, product demos, video blogging, or other uses. For one they are relatively easy to set up and feature an attractive user interface. They are also completely web-based so no downloads are required. Oh yes, they are free!

Since Google owns YouTube, Hangouts can be live-streamed not just via Google+ but on YouTube, as well. You can also embed your hangouts on your website  for later on-demand viewing by utilizing a feature called Hangouts On Air. In addition Hangouts allow for screen sharing and has collaborative features so everyone is on the same “page” with the content.

Some great ways to utilize a Google+ Hangout is by hosting conference calls with customers and employees that reside in other offices around the world. It also can be great for interviewing potential new employees that are not in the local area.

If your business relies heavily on customer service, by utilizing a Google + Hangout rather than for example a call center may give your business a more human and personal touch, since everyone can not only hear what you are saying but also see who you are talking with.

In addition to the YouTube integration, Google+ Hangouts can be integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail. Users can add hangouts to calendar events and join Hangouts directly from the calendar event or event reminder.

Available on a PC, and on both iOS and Android mobile devices, a Google+ Hangout is a great way to communicate with multiple people (up to 10 on video conference) at the same time.

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