With over a billion users, Facebook has a lot of potential for a business to get in front of the right audience. But how you do so can also be tricky. Facebook is all about engagement and not about hard hitting messages. By using a Facebook business page to create two or more way conversations  is a “win” on the world’s biggest social network as now you become an authority and when the user is in the need for your product or service they know where to go.

Tips for getting engagement on FacebookHere are a few simple ways that you may or may not have thought of when creating content and actually posting it to your business’s page.

  1. Go Easy On The Caps Lock Button. By posting in all caps will make it sound like you are screaming at your audience. Engaging with exclamation points is good as it shows excitement and possibly urgency. Screaming though gives off the wrong vibe as no one ever “likes” getting yelled at.
  2. Positive Is Better Than Negative. People like to smile not frown. They get enough news on the mainstream media that is negative and upsetting.  By providing happy, positive content will increase the chances of not only engaging with it but also the potential of “liking” and sharing it.
  3. Clickable Shortened Links Are Good. By providing a teaser post on your Facebook page with a clickable link using a URL shortner will attract visitors to click and want to learn more about what you are talking about. By using a URL shortening service such as  Bit.ly you can personally customize your shortened URLs so they look more attractive than just a URL with a bunch of numbers and letters.
  4. Include Imagery But The Right Kind. By including imagery in your Facebook posts will double the amount of engagement they get. Photos are definitely worth a thousand words and should be included in 99% of your Facebook posts. Remember though that many people that access Facebook via their mobile devices and you want to make sure that the images you do use are mobile friendly and don’t look distorted or cut off when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.
  5. Timing Is Everything. Good or bad, Facebook doesn’t work on bankers hours. They are always open and people are on it at all hours of the day and night. That means posting at times you are open may not always garner you the engagement you would like. Posting at night and the weekends for many businesses may actually be the ideal time for your audience to not only see your post but also engage with it. During these off  hours your audience may not be restrained to a work desk and have more free time to look Facebook and take part in conversations.

Facebook is a great tool and has a tremendous amount of potential for getting your business in front of the right audience. It though needs to make sense and should be done correctly to get the most impact. For assistance in both getting your page started and creating good engageable content contact The Interactive Imprint today at 954-254-1650.