With the amount of people putting out content, getting your self noticed in the world of social media can be challenging. Your content doesn’t need to be just good but it needs to stand out!

Social Media Tools To Make Your Life Easier

As a manager of social media you need to work fast but you also need to work smart. That means having tools at your disposal is a must. Here are a few good ones that will make your life a lot easier:

  • Clipconverter.cc is a great site for exporting videos from YouTube to MP4s. This is very important for those that use Facebook, as original videos that are uploaded right to its site tend to get more engagement and a higher then posts that include a link to a YouTube video. In addition it looks much better on your feed.
  • Giphy is a fantastic site for getting animated GIFs or creating your own animated GIFs quickly and easily. You simply create an account and provide it with a YouTube Link or a bunch of still photos. The software does the rest and within seconds you have a custom GIF that you can then share on all your social media channels including Facebook.
  • Canva is a fantastic tool for those that aren’t Photoshop wizards and want to create cool graphics quickly and easily. Within the program you can size graphics for a particular social network, add filters and overlay text in the matter of seconds. There is a small fee for the website but it is well worth it.
  • ScheduGram is a wonderful shortcut for those that use Instagram on a regular basis. With this site you can send videos and photos right from your desktop, instead of having to email it and opening it on your phone. You are also able to schedule posts in advance and add some great filters that even Instagram itself doesn’t have.

There are a lot of components to social media. By having more tools at your disposal will make your life and your job a lot easier in the long run!

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