Social ListeningWhen you think of social media you probably think of posting good content, running ad campaigns and getting engagement– whether that be in the form of likes, retweets or something else.

Another very important element that you shouldn’t overlook is listening. That is because social media is the largest, unbiased focus group and for a business and these insights can be extremely valuable.

With social listening a brand or a business can get a slew of data and market research all in real time. That includes honest, unbiased and unsolicited opinions, audience segmentation, trend tracking and most importantly competitive intelligence.

Unlike previous methods of collecting insights such as with focus groups, surveys and interviews, with social listening a business can connect their social and online efforts into real business impact. For example, in the past a consumer maybe restricted to multiple-choice questions when giving their opinion in an organized focus group. It was a very “cookie-cutter” approach for collecting data.

With social media though, consumers use their personal social media accounts to express honest, open opinions about experiences they have with brands and businesses. They aren’t restricted and aren’t asked. They just speak and speak completely truthfully.

By having real-time data and having sentiment on this information can now allow a company to make changes based off of what their hearing in a much more customized way. There are no more guessing and no more biases.

With a variety of social listening tools now available and technology improving everyday, it is now extremely easy to gather this information quicker and more accurately.

Stop overlooking social listening and start turning up the volume! It can only help your brand.

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