Coming up with great social media content can be challenging. You don’t want to be to sales-y but how many motivational quotes can you post.

Today in social media you have to tell a story with your content and more importantly you need to be visual.

That is because content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without relevant images.

But just about everyone today on every social network is using photos and other visuals to tell-a-story and even that area is becoming highly saturated.

So what do you do? What will get your company and brand to standout on the extremely busy social web?

The answer – movement.

Today it is video that performs the best when it comes to social media ROI.  Don’t get nervous though. That doesn’t mean you need to creating and posting Oliver Stone movies on your feeds. You don’t need a fancy camera either.  You just need short, unique movable content.

You can achieve animation and movement not only from posting MP4 and WMV files to your social pages but also in the form of other sources and from other apps. That includes:

All of these above links along with a smartphone and/or computer can help you create great, original, movable content in the matter of minutes. Movable content that will not only get viewed but shared and most importantly remembered!

With the combination of the huge amount of content produced everyday along with people’s attention spans quicker than you can blink, you only have seconds if not less to make an impact on a person using social media. Video and movable content can make that impact.

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