Did you know there is a direct correlation between your social media presence and search engine rankings?  It’s a true statement. Sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo pay a good amount of attention to what your business is doing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, just as they look at your other forms of content.

social media and searchIf people find your content valuable and share it, it won’t just impact your social reputation but will also provide love from search engines as well. That is because you are now building external links that direct people back to your website and blog.

In addition, social networks rank very high with search engines. If you “Google” any business, the first result is usually its website. Right after that comes, you guessed it – the business’s social networks.  In many instances – a company’s social network pages can be just as good or even better for gathering information then the actual company website.

Your social media presence and the engagement on the channels can have a strong correlation in search results. If you get a lot of Likes and Retweets you are going to also get love from Google.

Another example on the correlation between search and social is in indexing. While it can take time for content on your website and blog to be recognized by the search engines, that same content can be seen much quicker if it was retweeted on Twitter numerous times. As much as 50 percent faster!

Social media has become a big part in search marketing. If you don’t have a presence you should.

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