Facebook vs GoogleFor many small and medium sized businesses it may be just now that they are finally getting their “feet wet” with digital marketing.

They have always gone the traditional route but are realizing it is the digital space where their customers and potential customers are.

So where should a small and medium sized business start? It’s not like 2002 where there were limited opportunities. Now you have options and a lot of them!

The first place a business may look too is Google. That is a logical spot to start as Google is the most visited website on the planet with over 3.5 billion, (yes billion) searches performed on it daily.

While that is a lot of potential traffic, you are also going to need some steep pockets to really get found on Google. Why is that you may ask? Well today, every company vies for a top spot on Google and there is only so much “real estate” available.

For a company with a more limited budget, a much more effective option is Facebook, also known as the world’s biggest social network.

While Facebook is a social network and not a search engine, you can really get more exposure for less.

Unlike with Google where you bid on keywords that people are searching for, with Facebook, you provide a budget and Facebook tells you the anticipated reach. On top of that, Facebook, which has a slew of data on people from their profile and all their updates have the ability to serve its ads to the demographics and interests the business, chooses.

So what does that all mean for spending? Well the same click to the same landing page on Google that cost $4 may cost just a quarter on Facebook. A paid pre-roll video view on YouTube, owned by Google might cost 50 cents, while that same video on Facebook may cost the advertiser just two cents per view.

For a small or medium sized business looking for a high volume of exposure but have a limited budget should really check out Facebook and its ad products. You will really get more “bang for your buck.”

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