20% Rule Has ChangedAnyone who has worked with Facebook advertising is more than likely aware of the annoying 20 percent rule. The rule that only 20% of your image can include text and being creative without words can at times become challenging.

Well, exciting news! Facebook has now abandoned that rule and advertisers now have more freedom to add text to their images. There is a catch though. The more text you include, the less reach it will receive along with an increased cost. While this can make things frustrating, it still maybe beneficial as in retrospect Facebook advertising is much more affordable compared to other on and offline mediums.

Now when you upload an image a warning box won’t come up saying your ad may not get approved because of text restrictions. Instead you will want to upload it to their Text Overlay Tool.

Facebook will rate your images as being Ok, Low, Medium or High risk and while the system has some bugs in it, is recommended to test out various versions of the image with and without text.

For a business that loves putting out memes and Infographics, this new ability can be extremely beneficial and perhaps worth the extra cost. You will though want to do a manual bid and bid really high for these ads to confirm that the audience you are looking to reach really gets served.

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