Everyone today talks about how creating great, quality content is king and how it essential for any digital marketing strategy.

Posting your blog isn't the end of itBut producing and publishing great content to your website and blog isn’t enough in 2016. It needs to be amplified (for both engagement and SEO reasons) and that doesn’t mean just publishing a link to your company’s Facebook and Twitter page.

That is where social bookmark sites come in.

There are a variety of high traffic websites that get a lot of engagement as well being “DoFollow”, meaning they will provide your link (and website) with “Link Juice” which equates to a higher probability of coming up in a Google Search.

But today, with like anything else, there are tons of social bookmark sites to choose from and you only have limited time in the day.

So which do you choose from? Where should you spend that valuable time where your content will get the most value and reach?

One very good option is Reddit. With over 234 million users, Reddit is a great platform to start with.

But before you jump to open an account with this big social bookmarking site, you need to be aware that Reddit is completely uncensored and it is very frowned up to post self-promotion type content on its platform. Instead, you must provide true value to its community. If not, it could backfire and turn into a PR nightmare.

While Reedit is fairly easy to navigate and use there are a few things you should know about. That includes:

  • Subreddits is what Reddit calls category pages. They each have a title, but posts on Subreddits share a theme and ultimately become a community. (Similar to a LinkedIn Group). While some Subreddits are welcoming others can be very competitive.
  • Karma is another important aspect of the Reddit platform. It is their point system that helps quantify the value a Reddit user provides.  There are two main ways to earn Karma. The first is to post a link or text post of your own and allows others to comment on. When a user votes in favor of that post, you receive a Karma point.The second is by adding comments to another users post, which also gets voted on. Here you also get a Karma point when some provides you with a positive vote. While commenting and getting votes for those comments are important, they are less important then original post Karma votes. That doesn’t mean they aren’t an important activity to participate in. Comment Karma is vital to new users, as many Subreddits prohibit you from posting your original content until you’ve accumulated positive Karma commenting points.

Reddit has a lot of benefits and can get your content in front of people that mean the most to you. That doesn’t mean you don’t need a strategy. For assistance in that as well as other best practices for both Reedit and other high quality social bookmark sites contact The Interactive Imprint at 954-254-1650 or visit TheInteractiveImprint.com.