Ways To Stand Out On FacebookGetting frustrated with your lack of reach and engagement on Facebook? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. Facebook reach for businesses is shrinking smaller and smaller everyday and having a budget for the world’s biggest social network and its 1.13 billion active users isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity.

But simply having a budget and boosting posts isn’t enough either for this now very crowded space. Not only do you need to spend your money wisely, you need to come up with new ways to effectively stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to boosting posts, there are two new options that most of us probably don’t utilize, but should!

  • One option is a slideshow. With a Facebook slideshow you can take up to seven still images and easily create a movable animated slideshow. That includes setting its duration, determining its aspect ratio, adding a transition fade between the slides and even incorporating royalty-free music (or narration) into the newly created video. The best part about this slideshow feature is it can take 60 seconds at most to create.
  • A second option that also works great for a boosted post is creating a post that incorporates both photos and video within the same post. This then creates a collage of sort that highlights both stills and animation in the same post. To create this using your computer, add your photos first to your post and then click on the + symbol within the same post as though you’re adding more photos. Instead though, choose a video.

These extra efforts can go a long way in standing out both organically and when boosting. Why you might ask? The answer is – it’s different! Something your competition is probably not doing!

If you are a big fan of traditional Facebook website click and conversion type campaigns, targeting makes it very easy to get in front of the people that mean the most to you and your business. Convincing them to click though is another strategy all together.

One very important component to your ad is your ad headline. This is the text that is bolded immediately below the photo. To be effective with your ad, your headline needs to be both clear and customized. It needs not just a “what” but also a “why”. This for example can be in form of a list (i.e. – Top 3 reasons you snore); in a benefit (i.e. This device will make life easier); or in a curiosity/question type statement (i.e – Why do dogs bark?). In addition, it also needs to be short and to the point. Facebook recommends ad headlines be around 25 characters for maximum engagement.

As you can see some thought is needed to make your Facebook ad strategy successful and testing is essential.

For more detail on the above strategies and assistance with a customized strategy for your business contact The Interactive Imprint at 954-254-1650 or visit https://theinteractiveimprint.com/.