With 500 million active users on Instagram and 100 million active users on Pinterest these are two networks you for sure do not want to neglect, no matter what type of company you are!

Social Media Business Accounts

But did you know that more than likely your business’s pages are setup as personal pages instead of business accounts?

When both social networks surfaced you were only able to join one way no matter if you were a person or a business.

Since then, things have changed and all businesses should look into converting into business pages. Here’s why:


With an Instagram business page you will connect your account with your Facebook business page. By doing this allows for your address to now be on your profile. In addition, it opens up your account to be able to get a variety of great analytics, that before you wouldn’t have been able to see. That includes data such as impressions, audience profile breakdown, follower growth, website clicks and follower details. All are extremely valuable for any business.


As for Pinterest, with a business account there are a few features that you will get that a personal account doesn’t offer. Besides the advertising feature, the biggest benefit is the analytics.

With Pinterest analytics you can track which of your pins and boards appeal to people the most as well as learn more about who’s interacting with your pins and what else they are interested in. In addition, with Pinterest analytics you can easily see who is saving your pins and clicking through. All extremely good information to know!

Having valuable analytics (that is free) is a no brainer for any business using Instagram or Pinterest.

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