Anyone that works in the world of social media knows that if you want to have a presence on Facebook you now need to have a budget. It’s no longer an option but a necessity.

Narrow Audiences On Facebook

With that being said, Facebook advertising can be an extremely powerful tool. You have a slew of targeting options so you really can spend your dollars wisely.

While all these options are great, sometimes too many options can get confusing and tricky. In addition, before you know it your target audience becomes very broad and potentially overbroad with a potential audience in the millions.

So what can you do to get to that audience that will provide the biggest ROI?

The answer – Layering Interests.

When you begin to add interests for your target audience, Facebook provides other recommendations that are similar to the original interest you type in. Before you know it you have a potential audience that’s very broad and that you don’t actually know that much about except for that they’re somehow interested in one of the interests you originally typed in.

Instead of taking a shotgun leap, why not get more targeted? Here’s one way how:

Under your list of interests click the button that reads “Narrow Audience”.

This feature gives you the ability to add other criteria in addition to the interests you’re selected such as for example, income level and net worth. Your target audience will now decrease but your potential relevant audience will more than likely increase, which hopefully means an increase in conversions and a higher ROI.

Facebook advertising is an incredible tool to get in front of people that mean the most to you and your business. While it may take some time to find that “secret sauce” it doesn’t take much effort to be really creative with your targeting and test to see which audience provides the biggest return.

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