No matter which industry you are in there are learning conferences and tradeshows going on if not weekly then monthly throughout the country and world.

In today’s social media age, every conference and tradeshow has a hashtag and everyone that is at the show is tweeting and posting while the event is going on.

As a business you can’t be everywhere and at every show physically. You can though still be social virtually.

Social Media and Tradeshows

While everyone is following their hashtag feed, that is saved in their phone while attending, why not participate in the conversation but take it one step further.

Most attendees at these shows Tweet showing their booth or which key note speaker they are attending. They usually don’t add hyperlinks.

For those that can’t be there though, why not create some longer form content in a blog related to the show or the speaker that links back to your website.

People are addicted to their phones and social media, even at events like tradeshows and conferences.

Why not join in the conversation and standout by not just tweeting or posting using the official hashtag but in addition adding some value and your opinion on one of the topics being discussed? By adding a short link to a blog post or infographic will for sure get clicked on as people are continuously scrolling through their feeds looking at how their own social content is performing as well as hungry for more info on the topic being discussed.

It is extremely important though that if you do use this strategy that your content is relevant to what others are talking about. If not it could backfire and look like spam really quickly.

In addition, many people save that event’s hashtag after the event is complete. If you attended or not, there is enough great info on the social web that you should for sure create a recap blog post on the event and utilize that same hashtag.

Many of your competitors probably aren’t doing this and it can perhaps lead to a new contact or new business!

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