No matter if you are a B2C company or B2B firm, content marketing is becoming the norm in this extremely digital world we all live in.

With that being said, it all begins with brand awareness. Brand awareness is what dictates all of your marketing efforts and ultimately your bottom line.

While traditional advertising such as print and billboards have always been drivers for brand awareness, today it is the web and the content that businesses put on it that are the big contributors.

Enter social media!

social media equals brand awareness

Social media is now the quickest and fastest methods for your brand to get exposure and awareness. That is because people are spending more and more time on social networks then on any other activity or medium.

Social media isn’t though a hard-hitting selling tool. People don’t use social networks to look for products and services – that is what Google is for. They don’t use social media to get solicited on buying something – that is what weekly circulars are for. They use social media to engage with their community. They also use social media to get influenced.

For a business this is incredibly crucial to realize from the day they start their social media brand awareness strategy. If you go into social media marketing thinking your phone is going to go crazy and the cash register is going to go bonkers you are going about it all wrong.

Social media is about keeping top-of-mind with people that mean the most to you. By creating relevant, entertaining and educational content on the social web – you are actively contributing to brand awareness.

Then when a consumer does need your product or service they know whom to go too. By a fan or follower sharing your content is a “win” in the world of social media. This endorsement then goes to everyone that they are connected with and remember people today are influenced by their friends and connections. That means a good chance for other eyeballs getting exposed to your business and potentially new revenue.

Social media and brand awareness go hand-in-hand for any type of business both large and small! For a strategy for your business using all the top social media channels contact The Interactive Imprint at 954-254-1650 or visit