With Facebook ads becoming more of a necessity then an option on the world’s biggest social network, more and more businesses are looking for how to best spend their social dollars.

While “Likes” campaigns are good for brand purposes as it can give your page a reputable and relevant following, it doesn’t really make a difference if you have a 100,000 fans and your organic reach is in the single digits.

Then there is website click campaigns. These are ideal if you want to bring people to a landing page on your website to get more information on what you are promoting. The setback is, unless your ad is extremely strong, most people that are on Facebook want to stay on Facebook and not get off it. Remember Facebook is a social network and not a hard-hitting sales tool. That means people don’t want to be sold on it. In addition, if they do click your ad and onto your website there is no guarantee they will do anything else and perhaps just bounce off.

So what is a good way to utilize Facebook and get a tangible return? The answer – lead generation ads!

HIdden Key for Social ROI

With lead generation ads you can create a customized form right within Facebook to capture a targeted person’s name, phone, email and anything else you want to try to obtain. This new tangible lead can then be integrated with your CRM for your sales team to take immediate action. Leads generated easily integrate with marketing software such as Mailchimp, Salesforce and Marketo.

In addition, with lead generation ads you can create context cards as a way to describe what consumers will get for filling out the form and giving you their information.

While a click and a like will help with brand awareness, it takes much more effort to have someone fill out a form. For those that do take that extra step, those people should be taken very seriously and followed up with ASAP!

So when someone tells you there is no ROI to be found from social media, tell them about lead generation ads! You will be surprised how their minds may change.

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