Archive | December, 2016

How To Optimize Your Facebook Offer Ads This Holiday Season

With the holiday’s quickly approaching, many retailers are scrambling to find ways to move product before the season is complete. One “out-of-the-box” option that may just do the trick is by utilizing Facebook Offers. With this ad objective, businesses are able to post an offer on their Facebook page where users can purchase them for […]

How To Increase Your Infographic Visibility

Infographics have become powerful digital marketing tools for a variety of different reasons: They are visual which is very powerful for those with short attention spans. They are easy to comprehend and understand. Google loves to include them in their Universal Searches. Infographics build credibility quickly. They are very sharable – which is a big […]

Top Tips On Upping Your LinkedIn Company Page Follower Count

Unlike other top social networks, LinkedIn is a network that pushes more of an individual’s personal brand then anything else. People usually connect with other individuals via its Pulse blogging tool and through LinkedIn Groups. There is also though that business page component that lets businesses tell their story. Unless though you are a big […]