With the holiday’s quickly approaching, many retailers are scrambling to find ways to move product before the season is complete.

One “out-of-the-box” option that may just do the trick is by utilizing Facebook Offers. With this ad objective, businesses are able to post an offer on their Facebook page where users can purchase them for use In-Store Only, In-Store and Online or Online Only.

Facebook Offers

While Facebook Offers isn’t new, they have rolled out some new features including the ability to add a unique redemption code and a barcode.

In addition, users should know that Offers are only available from business pages. Personal users cannot create offers. In addition, you need to have at minimum of 400 page likes before you can create an offer. Merchants are also required to pay a small fee (around $5 to $10) per offer.

Now that you have the “411” on Facebook Offers here a few tidbits on how to create a great one:

  • Go Big On The Discount. People’s attention spans on Facebook are slim, extremely slim! If your offer is for a discount, make it substantial – 20% off the regular price or greater. You may also want to test offering items for free if they purchase another item at the regular price. They seem to perform well.
  • Simplicity and Understandably Is Essential. You can lose a person very quickly if you even closely confuse them. Always explain all your terms and conditions in the most laymen of terms. Don’t include unnecessary extra steps and always include an engaging, understandable image. Remember your page avatar (usually your logo) will accompany the offer image so make sure to not use the same one for your offer image.
  • Make Sure Your Team Is On The Same Page. The last thing you want is someone redeeming your offer and your staff not understanding the terms or how they should redeem it. That could turn into a social media and PR nightmare very quickly. Remember you can’t edit an offer once you post it so everyone needs to know ahead of time all the in’s and outs!

If there is the ideal time to try Facebook Offer Ads, now is that time. It can definitely help in ending your year with some extra profit that you weren’t expecting!

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