By now we all know it essential and not an option to have a budget for Facebook marketing and simply posting content isn’t enough. While you don’t need a budget like you do for Google, Facebook advertising requires a well-thought-out strategy. If not mistakes can happen and you will be throwing a tremendous amount of money down the drain.

Facebook Ad Mistakes

Mistake #1
The Wrong Interests Are Targeted.

More and more companies are including more interests in their targeting than they know what to do with. Just because they love real estate doesn’t mean they want to buy a new home. While testing is always important by just throwing things out there and hoping something sticks may generate a bunch of traffic but will probably get little when it comes to sales.

To overcome this potential mistake, try a bunch of A/B tests with different interests and watch closely to see which perform better. In addition closely monitor your sales and see where people are coming from. If they came from Facebook, ask them which ad they saw. Having this type of data can work wonders in getting new business.

Mistake #2
The Landing Page and/or Website Isn’t Optimized

No matter which type of Facebook ad objective you choose, a link to your website or landing page is a necessity. If not, it’s an automatic deadend as people can’t get further information on the content you are posting about.

In addition, the majority of Facebook ad traffic comes from a mobile device. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you will be taking them to a site they are more than likely going to quickly bounce off from, for the simple reason, as they won’t easily be able to find what they are looking for.

To overcome this potential waste of money, before you spend a nickel on Facebook make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If it isn’t make that your top priority before any ads are placed and running! You can quickly do a mobile-friendly test by visiting:

Facebook advertising isn’t hard and if done properly can really amplify your message and your company.

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