Blogging has become very common for businesses these days for a variety of reasons. That could include the SEO benefits you get with the search engines, the content benefit you can utilize on social networks and probably most importantly, the influence you can provide to your professional peers.

But with the volume of blog content being produced everyday, what can you do to make yours stand out and become stronger which will in turn expand its reach?

Adding Muscle To Your Blog Content

Here are a few quick tips:

Back up your content with data

Without the amount of “fake” news being produced on the web each and every day, by backing up your content with hard facts and data will help make the content much more reputable. Data verifies what you are saying and gives weight to your words. You can include some brief, credible stats within your post and then link to a reputable site for a reader to learn more and get additional information.

Provide examples

Real life case studies, analogies and testimonials are always good things to include in blog posts. This way readers can see how your tips apply to real-life situations. In addition, examples provide your readers with a tangible picture of what you are trying to explain and communicate.

Visuals are always key

According to Hubspot, when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same exact information, people retained 65% of that information three days later. This tells you that it is essential to include images (and good, relevant images) in any blog post that you publish. If not, your content is almost a waste of time in the long run!

Remember, images aren’t just eye-catching for the story. They also give the story more amplification potential. That is because your image can be shared and pinned on social networks, which can help increase your sites traffic and help your blog receive additional exposure.

Producing good content for your blog on a regular basis is essential for any digital marketing strategy. Utilizing these above tips will only make your blog stronger and more powerful in the long run.

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