No matter if it is via your implementing SEO, PPC or via social media most digital marketers end goal is to get visitors to their website’s appropriate landing page.

But what if that landing page isn’t converting? What if no forms are being filled out and no phone calls are being had? Your landing more than likely isn’t optimized and all your digital marketing efforts are leading to a dead end.

So what is the biggest reason why a landing page doesn’t covert? The answer is, it has to many call-to-actions. When you give people choices; (or at least too many of them), they are going to get confused and more-than-likely do nothing at all.

To overcome this every landing page should simply have one objective tied to it.

So how should a landing page with its one objective be setup to achieve maximum conversions?

Creating the perfect landing page

Here is a sample setup that bring those conversion numbers up:

(1) Lead your page with a pre-headline.

This should be a pretty general call out but should give the reader enough of a feeling on where you want to take them.

(2) Under the call-out ask the reader a question.

By asking a question under the pre-headline will continue to qualify the reader for the actual action you want them to achieve. If the reader answers the question properly it will give them the desire to continue to find that solution. In addition, it will provide you with a higher more qualified prospect.

(3) Then use your landing page’s headline to deliver that solution they are looking for.

That headline should offer an answer though that is abstract, mysterious or funny as it will pique the reader’s interest to learn more.

(4) Under the headline needs to be a memorable visual.

This is probably the most important part of the landing page all together and will for sure help with the conversion. One option when it comes to visuals is creating the “blur” effect. By blurring out portions of the image will intrigue the reader to get the complete answer. But to do that, they need to fill out that form or take some other equivalent action.

(5) Before though you add that call-to-action button brief copy should be added.

This will help assure the reader that the item or information they are requesting is the solution to their problem. Basically this objective is to drive the pointe home that by clicking your call-to-action the reader will get exactly what they are looking for.

(6) Finally include your call-to-action.

It is here where you get your lead and your reader can achieve the complete answer they are looking for. With this, you may want to try some split testing buttons that uses different text and colors to see which action performs the best.

By including this type of formula in your landing page will for sure help lead to a higher conversion rate.

For assistance in creating the perfect landing page for your business and for an analysis on the potential mistakes your landing page may have, such as multiple objectives, ineffective call-to-actions and poor formatting contact The Interactive Imprint today at 954-254-1650 or visit