Unless you are a politician or celebrity, standing out on Twitter’s 140 character social network can be a challenge. There is a lot of content moving at a very quick pace and while it’s possible to stand out it takes some strategy and skill.

Here are a few tips to get that attention you are looking for:

Tips To Make Your Tweets Stronger

Your Copy Choice

You only have limited space to work with. You need to make every character count. That means each Tweet should be as specific and concrete as possible. That means for example, utilizing facts and figures as they reinforce what you are saying or providing something that his helpful – such as solving a problem. You may also want to create content that emphasizes urgency. This will help readers react and hopefully engage before they read their next Tweet in their feed.

Visuals Enhance Tweets

Did you know that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the human brain compared to text? That tells you it isn’t an option but essential for every single Tweet to include a visual. It will only help give your Tweet more leg options to be retweeted and engaged with.

Character Count

While it is hard enough to get your message into 140 characters, it is suggested that you keep the Tweet to 100 to 115 characters. Those Tweets seem to be the ones that get retweeted most often.

Harness Hashtags and Emojis

Your Tweet immediately becomes part of a larger conversation when a #hashtag is included. In fact, Tweets that contain one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted compared to Tweets without them. You should though use them responsibility and not spam your Tweet, as it will do more harm then good. Emojis are also a great thing to add to a Tweet. They help with the visual enhancement of the Tweet and can help it really stand out within any users crowded feed.

Other Best Practices

It is a best practice to include action words such as verbs within your Tweets to achieve a higher click-thru rate for Tweets that include a link. Being positive and showing curiosity within your Tweet also seem to help make them better. Lastly, Tweets that include an exclamation mark are retweeted more often then Tweets without.

A tweet can be a maximum of 140 characters, so efficiency is key. For assistance in crafting great Tweets and for a full Twitter strategy contact The Interactive Imprint at 954-254-1650 or visit TheInteractiveImprint.com.