By now, we all know that visuals are what sells on social media. While words are still important it is the visuals that will get readers and viewers to react and engage.

So what can you do to make these visuals stand out within these extremely busy and visual social media feeds?

Visual Content Sour!

Here are a few strategies that could help you stand out from the crowd:

1) Testing

When many social media managers get a new piece of great content they are very eager to get that piece of content immediately out onto all their social networks. Every social network though is its own animal and needs to be treated uniquely. Instead of using your Hootsuite or Sprout Social software and pushing it everywhere first try posting it to one channel and see how it performs. Perhaps, Twitter or Instagram. If after a day you see it is performing well, then push it out on Facebook. This testing shows people are interested in it and it may have a better chance of overcoming Facebook’s extremely fussy organic algorithm.

2) Relevancy

All the major social networks provide trending topics at all times of day and night. Social marketers need to capitalize on these important topics. That means not always auto scheduling ahead of time but capitalizing on all current events, even ones that aren’t preplanned – for example Valentines Day and Thanksgiving. People are more known to engage with your visual content if it is something that is already on their mind and is being talked about.

3) Optimize and Analyze

While you always have stock photography in your back pocket, it is always best to utilize your own images when possible. This way you can completely control your brand and story. As for sizing, portrait size images seem to work best when it comes to visual content creation but always keep a close eye on your social analytics to see which pieces of content are truly performing best.

Good visual content is the biggest key to your digital marketing and social media success.

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