While over a billion people jump on Facebook and it’s social platform everyday for an average of 50 minutes, many people go on simply to see what their friends and family are up too and to share what is going on in their life.

facebook capabilities

But Facebook has become much more than just a social network. There are many other capabilities it can provide to its users that could come in extremely handy. Here are just a few:

Find A Job

Move over, Monster and Indeed, Facebook is now allowing employers to post job openings directly on its site in both the U.S. in Canada. While this may not be new for some companies, as they would post the opening on their business pages, now Facebook has created a dedicated spot for those looking for work and those looking for employees to better find each other. The new feature is called Jobs on Facebook, is very user friendly and is currently free for both job posters and those looking for employment.

Save A Life

You may or may not have been aware, but you can officially share that you are an organ donor on Facebook. By providing this type information to all your friends (the average person has over 300 friends) can potentially save a life! To simply share that you are an organ donor click Life Event at the top of your timeline, select Health & Wellness and Select Organ Donor. You can then select the audience you want to share it with. It should be noted though that you would still need to register with the appropriate registry to formally indicate your intentions.

Get A Ride

Did you know that you could order an Uber or Lyft right from Facebook’s Messenger App, while you are simultaneously having a conversation? Simply click the more button within Messenger and then Request A Ride. From there you will receive updates on your driver’s status and be able to notify your friends that you called for a ride. It’s pretty simple and extremely convenient.

While Facebook is changing the way we all communicate with each other, it also has a lot of exciting features that many of us may not be aware of.

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