Facebook AdvertisingWith more and more businesses, both big and small moving their ad budgets to the digital space, there is for sure not a lack of options to choose from.

The two biggest though and probably come to mind first are Facebook and Google. Their continual growth year after year cannot be ignored.

While it is obvious why may want to advertise on Google and its search engine, many people may wonder why you would utilize Facebook to advertise. People don’t go on there to look for products and services. They go on Facebook to be social with their friends and family.

Well, Facebook is a public company now and is looking to make money. They also have a tremendous amount of data on all its 1.3 billion users. That means you can advertise and target whom you want. You just though have to pay for it.

So why though should you spend money on Facebook? Here are a few simple reasons

  • Brand Awareness & Recognition. You can get a lot of exposure for your brand and business for a much smaller budget then any other online medium. For example, for $5, yes $5 you can get 1,700 plus views on your video. Yes not every person is going to be an immediate buyer but those are a lot of new eyeballs that will now get exposed to your business and your message.
  • The Incredible Targeting Capabilities. Do you sell products targeting expected moms or maybe those who just turned 65 in a particular region or state? With all the data Facebook has on everyone you can really pinpoint and target those that really matter to you instead of using a traditional media blanket “shotgun” approach and hope something sticks. This way you aren’t wasting money on people that have no interest on what you have to say.
  • Lead Generation. With Google you are directing a person to a landing page on your website and hopefully they fill out a form and hit submit. A lot of “ifs”. If your site is having issues, not mobile friendly or maybe slow, yes you may have gotten a person to your site but it will more than likely just lead to a dead-end. Instead, with the Facebook Lead Generation objective ad a person simply clicks on the post they are interested in and are taken to a pre-populated form with all their info already filled out with more than likely less typos. That is because when they get to the form, they are already signed into Facebook and everything is already pre-populated. You can generate real leads for just a few bucks. A huge ROI potential!

You really can’t go wrong by trying Facebook Ads. The risk is minimal and the potential return is huge. To get started and for additional in getting campaigns going for your business contact The Interactive Imprint at 954-254-1650 or visit TheInteractiveImprint.com.