Social media isn’t like traditional media. There is no rate card, spot times and postage levels. Social media is an extremely fluid medium that is constantly changing and improving. Improving on almost a daily basis!

So while some updates are minor and not that noticeable there are two recently that are pretty big.

New Enhancements

The first one comes from LinkedIn – the world’s biggest professional social network.

LinkedIn recently expanded their advertising capabilities with lead generation forms. Similar to Facebook, this new feature allows users and businesses collect quality leads right from its social network and its sponsored content.

With LinkedIn lead generation ads members click on your ads are their LinkedIn profile information automatically populates into an in-app form that they can then submit instantly. No typing is needed and no typos are possible.

Once a form is submitted the advertisers will get not just a name, email and phone number but a lot more great info including company name, job title, location and more! You can even provide them with a thank you page and a link to your website.

Why this is great is you now know exactly who is reviewing your content such as a CEO or other high level decision maker compared to just anyone, including someone that is simply entry level.

These ads are currently only available on mobile devices but should be available for desktops in the near future.

The second one comes from Facebook – the world’s biggest social network period.

Facebook in the last few weeks released page templates. With page templates your business can now prominently feature the information is most relevant for your business. For example, what may be most important for a pizza shop is probably different then for a singer. Now your call-to-action button can be either a button to book appointments, contact your business or drive people off Facebook and onto your website.

You can pick a page template from either your mobile device or computer. Simply go to your page and select “settings”. Then click “edit page”. Finally hit “select edit template”. You then have an option to choose a template, which fits your business, the best.

It’s that simple and can make an immediate impact for your business!

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