There is for sure not a lack of content on the digital web in 2017! From blogs to videos to memes, information overload is an understatement.

With all these new authors though means a lot more congestion and a lot more traffic filling up the streams. Trying to stand out can be tough.

So what works, what can get your “stuff” to standout from all the noise?

content stand out

One thing that works and not enough of us do is putting out mini-Infographics. Not big overwhelming Infographics but mini-versions of them.

Mini-Infographics have a lot going for them:

  • They are easy to understand and comprehend.
  • They are data driven. Please love stats as stats lead to facts.
  • Most importantly – they are visual and everyone knows the importance and benefits of visual content.

If you have already created detail rich Infographics in the past, one idea is to break them down into multiple smaller versions. They are much easier on the eye not to mention a viewer’s attention span. Because of that they have a good chance of getting shared and engaged with on your social networks.

Mini-Infographics are easy to create and can for sure grab user’s attention and help you stand out. Make sure though the content is factual and backed up as an infographic with inaccurate information can do more harm then good.

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