With the amount of avenues to showcase your brand on the digital web growing at a record pace, every business now feels the need to be everywhere. If not they feel like they are missing out on a big opportunity to grow and expand.

defending your brand

Instead though, in rushing to be everywhere, businesses and brands need to spend more time defending their brand so they properly position themselves in the market.

That is because everything on the digital web is two-sided and your brand sometimes needs to be on defense and not just on offense. If you don’t defend your brand it could result in significant market loss.

So what are some things that can help defend your brand from not only a PR nightmare but also a revenue loss nightmare? Here are some suggestions:

  • Research is everything. It is extremely important to pay attention to the changes in your target consumer. What may have been ideal targeting for a certain demo 5 years ago maybe completely different today. As people age their tastes and abilities change. As a brand you need to be very observant, be aware of these changes and adjust accordingly.
  • You don’t need to be everywhere. While it may be tempting to join the latest, new social network or forum, unless you have the manpower to actively manage and monitor this new channel, it may be a good idea to stay away from it at the current time. Remember you can always join later!
  • Watch your competition regularly. This is something that gets neglected by many businesses simply because of the lack of time during the day. Not only should you be watching your competition but actively engaging with their audience. While their maybe an ethical standard in your industry you can always utilize social media such as Twitter to start discussions with your competitors audience in a tasteful way.

The health of your brand isn’t just about awareness and being everywhere. Constant research and monitoring of what others are saying about both you and your competition is key for overall, long-term brand success.

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