In 2017 you don’t need to be a politician, athlete or celebrity to be an influencer. Everyday people like you and me can create a blog or YouTube Channel and become extremely influential to large amount of followers fairly quickly.

Right Influencer

These influential people can be extremely powerful when it comes to a business’s brand and product awareness. Remember, many of us make buying decisions not from hard-hitting ads but because of our peers and others like us.

But with just about anything else, influencer marketing has the potential to be deceiving. Yes a person may have 60,000 Twitter followers and 80,000 Facebook fans but if no one shares or engages with the influencers content, these numbers mean nothing.

So what are some ways to identify and isolate true influencers so you aren’t wasting your time with those that will offer you little ROI? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t just look at social media follower counts. Instead, take a look at whose participating in your industry’s hashtags. Those that are actively engaging and talking about a relevant topic in your industry is someone you for sure want to reach out too and have a conversation with!
  • Look at reliable industry related publications. Usually many times these publications, both on and offline offer advice and tips from top experts and influencers. Those people are then the ones you want to then research in more detail and potentially target.
  • Research more detailed data on the influencer. It’s easy to get an influencer’s social follower count. Simply visit their various pages and you will easily see their following. That though isn’t enough. You also want to look at their website traffic. Tools, such as com can help give you some basic information on their site for free. Other good ones such as Moz’s Follower Wonk can provide you with a deeper dive into Twitter’s Analytics. For example, it can provide you data on who influencer’s followers are, where they are located and when they do tweet. All good information to know and analyze before you actually pitch an influencer. Follower Wonk has a free version but for a small monthly fee you can get a lot more data and analysis.

As you can see all influencers weren’t created equal. To find the right ones to help influence your business takes time and some homework. It will benefit though in the long run!

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