Your blog is your hub for your social media efforts. It is the place where you have no restrictions. No character count. No image requirements. Just you and your thoughts in what ever format you choose. Text, video, image and just about anything else you can think of.

how to make your blog stronger

Not only is a blog a platform to voice your opinion, show your authority on a topic(s) and be educational to others but probably most importantly – Google loves blogs. Blogs are fresh content and fresh content makes the world’s biggest search engine very happy.

But with us being in 2017 there isn’t a lack or shortage of blogs on the web. Everyone is pushing content in just about any way possible.

So what are simple ways to strengthen your blogs visibility, not just for Google but also for actual readers like you and I? Here are a few tips:

Always Have A Takeaway

Not everyone who writes blog content is a professional writer that also writes for the New York Times or Huffington Post. Many times, a blog can provide a lot of content but at the end their really isn’t a point made. One of the most disappointing experiences you can give any reader is have them spend time reading content and them not get any real takeaway from it. They will never get that time back and more than likely won’t read another post you ever write. In a nutshell, always ask yourself, what exact point are you trying to make and then make sure your post supports that point.

Offer Value

It’s not just focused content that is important to a reader. It is also about teaching and providing information that a reader will find valuable and useful in the future. Without that you aren’t an authority but simply a storyteller of words and sentences. By finding an issue your readers are dealing with and then producing a solution is the perfect framework to a great blog post.

Visualization is Key

You can’t say it enough. People’s attention spans are minute. If it isn’t visually appealing they will be off to the next thing and quickly. That means no one ever wants to read a 2000 plus word novel in blog post. If you have so much to say break it up into a series of chapters. No one though will read it all in one sitting. They just won’t. Your content should be easy to read on the eyes. You can do this by breaking up copy with images, GIFs and videos. You also may want to utilize bullets, numbered lists and even going bold on certain pieces of the copy. One other quick tip is by adding white space to your text. This can help make your copy digestible to the reader.

As you can see, there are many simple things that can do to make your blog much more valuable to not just your brand or business but to also potential customers.

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