Creating a marketing strategy is important for any business looking to make money. It is the framework of how your company is going to execute the overall marketing process.

Social Media Help With Social Media Strategy

Putting a marketing strategy though isn’t always the easiest. It takes time and effort. For some just deciding where to start can be a challenge.

Well one very important section to any marketing strategy is identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Also known as your “SWOT”.

One place to get these SWOT answers and getting these answers quickly is with the assistance of social media. Here’s how:

  • With social media you can learn more about your company’s strengths by looking at what others are responding to in your social media content. For example, there may be one Facebook post that performs better than others. By looking at trends and seeing what your audience is liking and sharing can tell you what your strengths are and what you should continue to be doing.

  • In contrast, you can quickly determine your weaknesses by the type of content that people aren’t engaging with or sharing. You can also get a good idea by various negative connotations such as the angry Emoji.

  • It is simple to learn about your opportunities and threats by quickly looking at your top competition’s social pages. If you see they are getting a lot of engagement and positive sentiment from their content that would appear to be a threat. If though, you see they are very dormant, unpopular or even worse non-existent with their social media that would appear to be an opportunity for you to include in your strategy that you probably want to capitalize on.

By simply looking at what your competition is doing and how they are performing on social media can tell you a ton of great information that should help influence how your strategy will ultimately develop in the long run.

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