You would be surprised how many businesses today still don’t have a presence online. In fact as of 2016, 46% percent of U.S. small businesses’ still don’t have a website for their company. That number goes up to 60% if you look worldwide.

No Excuse For Not Having A Presence Online

With everything becoming digital and getting information via web, without having a presence will more than likely lead to a “Going Out Of Business” sign!

For many they say they don’t have the time or money to create a presence. Well, starting today that excuse is no longer valid. Here are two significant reasons why:

(1) Google Will Now Build A Website For A Business For FREE

Officially released, you can now created a simple-page website, designed for small businesses. The tool simply called “Website” is free and allows small businesses to create and edit a website in mere minutes from both a desktop or mobile device.

An extension to Google My Business, Google will automatically pull info from your Google My Business page to create the website. It can then be customized with themes, images and text. What makes it even more attractive is that it comes with free hosting! That will save any company a few hundred dollars or more per year. While the tool is limited in scope, it for sure beats not having a presence at all.

(2) Facebook Business Pages Have Become Much More Robust

Facebook business pages aren’t new. They always have been free to create but now have been greatly enhanced! In the past few months’ business pages have seen great improvements. From video cover images to a variety of page templates that are now available for page owners, Facebook now gives admins the ability to make sure their business page is optimized properly based off of the type of company they are.

While these aren’t huge updates, they can make a difference in being noticed on the world’s biggest social network that has over 1.9 billion monthly users.

So no matter if you are a carpet cleaner or a private airline company, every business, no matter bigger or small can have a presence online for free.

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