While marketing is a part of the sales process, social media marketing isn’t and shouldn’t be used as a selling tool.

Hard Hitting Doesn't Work In Social Media

That is because people don’t want to be sold on social networks. They want to engage with their peers and look at stuff that interests them.

So as a business, you need to take a creative and at times, subliminal approach when it comes to the content you put out. You can’t just say you have a sale this weekend and that your followers need to come and buy something. It’s not the place for that and if you use that strategy, especially in the long run, it will more than likely backfire on you.

As a business, your social media content needs to resonate with the viewer on the human level. That means not selling a product or service like you are shoving it down a person’s throat. Instead, create a need in your content and show how your product or service fulfills it.

For example, lets say you are marketing pre-construction real estate. Very few will really care and probably take an action if you say buy now with pre-construction pricing on your company’s Facebook page. Instead, with a subliminal message of showing an amazing kitchen and asking people “What’s for dinner” will resonate and get people’s attention.

Yes, that doesn’t mean a person who see’s the post is going to run out and buy one of your homes. That cute message though will resonate with the viewers and hopefully get them to comment, like and share it.

By seeing engaging messages with good photography and video will though resonate with viewers and once they are in need for a new home, they for sure will know whom to check out. Remember, every Facebook user has on average of 300 friends. That means a lot of possibilities of sharing if your content is good.

Social media is all about brand awareness and engagement. Not hard hitting selling. With subliminal type messages though, you will be remembered and in time can actually be turned into a real transaction.

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