For many of us that work in social media and constantly creating content for social media profiles and pages, real time timing and strategy is key, especially during unusual times, such as during a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Social Media and Natural Disasters

There is nothing worse than showing a beautiful day in the middle of a hurricane such as Harvey or Irma.

Here is a quick checklist to look at during these situations:

    • If you schedule content ahead of time, make sure you review it before it publishes live. Many businesses may not be open and if you are showing an appearance that you are, can confuse and annoy followers and customers.

    • Your content during these times should only focus on the current events that are happening if your business is located in that geographic area affected. People are on social media during natural disasters looking for information, resourceful information. If you are trying to be sales-y or cute with content that is completely irrelevant to the current events happening in the area will more than likely lead to a lot of negative engagement, if any engagement at all.

    • After the disaster, be extremely positive but also completely transparent. If you aren’t open don’t make it sound like you are. People during these times go to social media not just to get information, as other communication methods maybe down but also as a place to escape from the real world frustrations. If you can create content that is memorable and positive, people will for sure remember you.

Natural disasters can be extremely frustrating and altering to everyday, normalcy. If though you are thoughtful and extremely creative you and your business can make a strong impact on social networks during these unusual circumstances.

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