You may or may not have heard but Twitter has doubled their “real estate” from the famous 140 character count Tweets to now 280 characters.

Supersized Tweets

That’s for sure a game changer in the Twitter Universe as anyone and everyone on its social network can say a lot more of what’s on his or her mind!

But with every change on social media there are also best practices. Here are just a few when composing your new “supersized” Tweets.

  • Character Count maybe larger but their still isn’t an edit button. Unlike other major social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, Twitter doesn’t allow users to edit the text in their tweets. With a 280-character limit now, that means more of a possibility of a typo. If you are going to create a long Tweet be extra careful and read it over before you hit that famous tweet button.
  • Grammar will more than likely matter more now. Before you could get away with short statements, abbreviations and broken grammar as people became accustomed to short 140 character max tweets. Now that you have more room, your followers will expect that you write in much more complete sentences as you can’t use the excuse that you ran out of room.
  • With more space means more opportunities for hashtags. While that is a true statement, people have come to the norm that on Twitter it is acceptable to have just a few hashtags. (In contrast, for example with Instagram that allows up to 30 in a post). By adding a ton more hashtags to your Tweets could backfire though and make your Tweets look much more spammy. A good recommendation would be to test the waters now that 280 characters are available to all and see how others are displaying their longer tweets. If you find that it more acceptable than join in, but observe first before you go hashtag happy!

280 characters is a huge change, probably the biggest in Twitter’s history. Like with anything else, there will be some growing pains but for businesses this should be a great opportunity to tell more of their story to Twitter’s 330 million monthly active users.

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