Niche and custom audiences aren’t new in the Facebook Advertising world. You can create audiences based off of a variety of things including interests and locations. You can also build custom audiences based off of existing email lists. Now though, you can take that targeting one step further. You can now target ads to specific households!

Facebook Household Audience

With the household audience feature, marketers can deliver relevant ads to people who live in the same household. (Facebook defines a household of at least two family members that the social network thinks live together over an extended period of time.)

With this feature, a business can upload for example an email list. Instead of just targeting Facebook users that match those emails you now have the ability to turn the household audience feature on so you can target not just that person on the list but others that live with them.

Facebook uses a variety of data types to help determine household relationships. That includes for instance self-declared relationships users put on their profiles, physical home locations and common last names.

So why is type of targeting so valuable? Here are a few examples:

1) Many times you want to target the financial decision maker in the home but what if you could also target people within the household that may have influence on that decision? For example, when choosing a restaurant to eat at or a vacation to go on. With the household audience feature you can now do that.

2) The influence targeting it has. Let say, for example a person made a specific purchase at a retail store and their email address is now in the company’s database. With the household audience feature a business doesn’t have to target that specific person but can target their family members to give them ideas on other items they may want from that store for the holidays or other special occasion.

While it may take Facebook a day or so to create this new household audience, it could be worth the wait. There are though some restrictions such as that you aren’t able to create a household audience from an audience that’s been shared with you. In addition, your ads targeted to a household will also only be delivered to the household members the ad is relevant too.

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