Many of us have experimented with lead generation on Facebook. You get a tremendous amount of leads for an incredibly low cost.

While getting the leads are exciting, you may hear your sales team say that leads “stink”. In many instances, trying to get them on the phone or to respond to an email can be a challenge and if they are able to contact them they have no idea what you are talking about. Probably very frustrating for all.

Enter Higher Intent Lead Forms.

Higher Intent Lead Generation

Now instead of creating a quick lead generation form on Facebook that is quick for users to fill out and submit Facebook has created higher intent lead forms.

What makes this type of form great is it adds a review screen that users have to confirm before the form is submitted. This way a user is consciously aware that their info is being submitted which translates into a much more qualified lead.

Remember Facebook is a social network and not a sale stool by nature and lead generation is always usually a numbers game. With higher intent lead generation though you may get less leads but more than likely they will be better qualified to do business with you and your company.

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