In today’s social media advertising hemisphere it’s all about retargeting and getting in front of those that mean the most to you.

While many of us utilize Facebook and its interest targeting to get in front of that “sweet spot” audience, custom audiences have become very popular in recent years.

One way to create a custom audience on Facebook is by uploading your existing email list and Facebook will match those emails up with profiles. Yes, this could be powerful as you are now targeting a much “warmer” audience, this email list audience could be dated and these people may not really be interested in your messaging and content any longer.

One way to overcome this is with Engagement Custom Audiences. With it, you can create a custom audience based on their engagement with your Facebook page.

Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences

What makes this so powerful is these are the people that are almost like brand ambassadors for your company. They comment, like and share what you have to say and are always interested in collaborating.

In the past Facebook would only allow you to target your Facebook page audience with ads was by either targeting the entire audience or by creating segments based off of, for example demographics and interests.

The results would usually include a large number of people who like your page, perhaps a “casual liker” but really don’t interact with your actual content.

With an engagement custom audience you are targeting those that really are your “A” list prospects as they aren’t just aware of your company or brand but also highly, actively engaged.

When you create this type of audience you can tell Facebook how many days to you want to go back when collecting engagement. That means for example, you can only target people that engaged within your content in the last 30 days. A person that engaged 29 days ago will be included in that list today but tomorrow they will be removed. In contrast, a person who engages tomorrow will automatically be added to that list. There is no need for editing or creating new lists, Facebook automatically adjusts it.

In addition to the better engagement to the right audience, this new type of custom audience targeting will also save you money as your quality score will more than likely increase which means your ads will be shown more at a much lower cost.

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