By now, many of us marketers have heard Facebook’s big changes to its algorithm that is coming in the upcoming weeks and months.

So what should you do? Where should you go?

One very good option is LinkedIn, specifically LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Group Enhancements

LinkedIn recently made an announcement that it will be enhancing its group’s features which can be very beneficial for businesses. Here are just a few:


LinkedIn recently rolled out native video for users to put on their timeline. Now they will be expanding that to groups. We all know video is powerful. Now you will be able to showcase with a much more niche audience you are looking to get in front of.


In addition to native video being available in LinkedIn Groups you will also have the ability to tag or @mention members in comments and invite them to comment, even if they aren’t a member of that specific group. This is a new way for more of the right eyeballs seeing your content.

LinkedIn will soon also be rolling out a direct link from it’s homepage to your groups and provide new notifications when their activity within a group. (Similar to when people post a new long-form blog post.)

Don’t underestimate LinkedIn Groups and the power potential they can have for individuals and businesses.

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