With not just Facebook updating their algorithm to be more friends and family focused, Instagram is following along the same path. In fact, only about 10 percent of your followers now see your Instagram posts organically.

So what as a digital marketer should you do?

Instagram Stories

One option that still works is by taking out your credit card and boosting the heck out of your content as well as running paid ads.

The other is by utilizing Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is the best option right now for your brand to be. Here’s why:

  • As of today, Instagram Stories are displayed to all your followers. Not just 10 percent of them. With 300 million active daily users on its social network that is a lot of potential eyeballs that could be seeing your content, should they be following you.
  • Instagram Stories have prime real estate. Its placement is at the top of the app when you open it.
  • Millennials are spending large chunks of time utilizing the Stories feature. In fact, they are spending 32 minutes a day looking at Stories. That’s double the amount of time they were spending before Stories became available in 2016.

So what are some ways a brand should utilize Instagram Stories? Here are a few tips:

1) Be Timely. Instagram Stories isn’t meant for Evergreen type content. That’s because after 24 hours these Stories go bye-bye and are gone from your profile completely. Real-time info works best, as it is content that is trending.

2) Use It To Connect On A Personal Level. This is a great place to show that your company is human. Use it as a platform to make connections with users and not as a place to market your brand.

3) Utilize The Tools Instagram Provides. One great tool within Instagram Stories is the Polls feature. Everyone loves to give his or her opinion. With Polls, users can. Just be prepared to have a strong customer service team. That’s because 20% of Instagram Stories result in a direct message.

Instagram Stories maybe your new best bet when it comes for organic reach and utilizing social media for your business or brand without much of a budget. But, remember to always utilize best practices including to include your location in each story and to include hashtags. Also, don’t forget to monitor Instagram Insights, as there is a slew of good data that you can learn from not only including reach and impressions but taps forward and backs. (Tap forward means someone skipped ahead to the next story while tap background means someone replayed the story a second or third time.)

For a custom strategy on how your company can best utilize Instagram Stories contact The Interactive Imprint today at 954-254-1650 or visit TheInteractiveImprint.com.