With the Live social media streaming revolution getting more and more traction each and every day, many of us immediately think of Facebook and Instagram Live. Others may prefer Twitter’s Periscope as their Live Streaming preferred option.

But you may not want to overlook YouTube Live as a go-to live streaming option. Especially after they recently announced a bunch of new features that will benefit not just creators but viewers as well.

YouTube Live

Here are just a few of these features:

1 – The Live Chat Edition. Now Live streaming videos on YouTube have the ability to play back a live chat after the stream ends. This will give users the ability of feeling they are watching a live stream, even if the actual live stream ended. With this, it gives the opportunity to give additional voices to chime into to the stream once it actually ended.

2 – Automatic Captions. While auto captions aren’t new in the YouTube hemisphere, live captioning a video that is going on in real-time can be a challenge. Luckily, with advancements in speech recognition technology, this new feature is now available with live video as well!

3 – Location Tagging. Now live streaming creators on YouTube can location tag to their mobile live streams as well as video uploads. When clicked, viewers will have the ability to find other videos that were recorded at that same location.

As you can see, YouTube is another strong option with a lot of live streaming features. Plus with it being owned by Google, you are more than likely going to get better organic results from it in searches on the world’s biggest social network.

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