For many businesses, Facebook lead generation has become the “golden ticket” for generating new business. With a cost per lead being just a couple of bucks many companies are seeing a big jump in ROI.

Facebook Lead Generation Success Tips

For other companies though, the feedback on Facebook’s lead generation ad objective is less than stellar. Sales people provide feedback that all they get are wrong numbers and people who have no idea what you are talking about. That includes company’s that are using the “Higher Intent” Facebook lead generation method.

While every product’s buying decision cycle is different and you need to always consider that people aren’t going on Facebook to get “sold”, there are a few ways to make this tool successful, in no specific order:

1) You need to follow up fast. Remember, people’s attention spans are quicker than a goldfish and if your sales team waits a week to follow up with the prospect there is a much greater chance they will have no idea what you are talking about and the lead will more than likely go to waste. Facebook has integrated with many third party CRM systems to allow for automated drip messages to immediately begin once a lead comes through, but a personal touch – via a personal email or phone call will more than likely be much more successful.

2) Research before you contact. While you don’t want to “Big Brother” stalk the prospect, when the lead comes through, before you attempt to reach out, do a little research on them via Facebook. They must have a page if they filled out a form on there. By doing a little homework ahead of time can help shape how you begin your on or offline conversation with them instead of just going into it completely cold.

Like with anything else, lead generation is a numbers game. But, if you work the leads intelligently you can have great success with it.

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