Many of us have been to marketing meetings and sitting around a table to give our opinions on what we feel is working and what we think is important.

In traditional marketing that may work. In the world of digital though, those days can and should be over!

Google Analytics isn’t new but you would be surprised how many businesses don’t utilize it! This free tool that can be implemented on any website can provide you with a slew of real data that can tell you what’s working and what’s not! No more guessing – just hard factual information!

Google Analytics

While Google Analytics can be overwhelming if you are new to it, it is pretty easy to navigate.

So what are a few things you should look at and do once you get into the program? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Always look at the Acquisition Tab first. It will tell you where people are coming from that find your website. Under the Source/Medium sub tab you will find a list of mediums where you received traffic from. For example, Google, Bing and Facebook. In addition, under this tab you can get even more specific and look at specific Campaigns you ran and see which resonated and which didn’t. This is possible by creating UTM codes with each specific campaign. For example, one for each email blast, one from each social media campaign and so on.

2) The Behavior Tab is Another Must. This tab really paints a picture of where your audience is going within your website and where and when they are leaving. By knowing this can help in tweaking your website to optimize even better for your audience. You would be really surprised on the type of data you will uncover here!

3) Don’t Forget About the Conversions Tab. This is probably the most important as within it you can create custom Goals so you can see what achievements users performed within your website. For example, filled out a form on went to the checkout screen. By looking at the Conversions tab and having goals in place will clearly show you the ROI that is coming from your website.

With Google Analytics you will get a much deeper understanding of your customers by simply analyzing data in one single location!

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