No matter how many types of Facebook ads you have tried, there is always fatigue. There’s fatigue for writers as content creators can always hit a roadblock and there is fatigue for readers as viewers and your audiences are only going to want to see the same type of advertisement so many times before they click to hide it.

Effective Facebook Ads

So as a marketer and content creator what are some things you can do to change things up? What are some things that can be effective in getting viewers attention?

Educate…Don’t Sell

We know you are spending valuable money to advertise on Facebook. That doesn’t mean you should only sell. Instead of pushing a hard sell, instead educate your audience about your product. By educating, the ad will now present a benefit to the audience, which is selling within itself.

Utilize Testimonials

By showcasing a custom experience that will solve an issue is the ultimate social proof you can provide a viewer. One way to showcase this is with “Before and After’s” in a Carousel type format as it can show a complete picture and tell a brief story that because of X, Y occurred.

Present A Value Proposition

By utilizing video ads, you can present a value proposition to your audience very clearly. By telling your audience the benefits they get from buying your product or service. Creates a sense of value such as ease of use and convenience. This for sure will always relate to a user and grab their attention.

Excite and Inform

By using words such as “hype”, and “instant” in your ad text can instantly get your audience excited for a product. These action type words create excitement and buzz that will entice your audience to want to learn more.

Utilize Humor

By utilizing humor within your ads will guarantee they will be remembered. Always remember though keep the humor clean and don’t potentially offend someone.


People are visual in nature and color is one way to grab their attention. By using colors such as deep red or bright yellow within your images and videos will help in getting them noticed. (Why do you think the Stop sign is painted red?)

There is a lot of trial and error when it comes to creating effective ads that will resonate with your targeted viewers. What may work for some audiences may not for others and that is okay. Remember, A/B testing is highly recommended.

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