While there are so many tools out there to incorporate into your overall digital marketing strategy, the number one tool to gain trust with your customers and potential customers is “social proof”.

But what exactly defines social proof? Basically, social proof is the behavior people are influenced by because of the actions of others.

Social Proof

So why is social proof so important in marketing? Here are a few examples:

It Creates a Sense of Belonging

For many people these days, it’s all about fitting in and being accepted. Fitting in is a core factor of everything we do and strive to do. By creating this sense of belonging whether that be online or offline is an essential component to our psychological well-being. By have the sense of being part of a larger community, even if is just virtually on social media can boost our self-esteem and be all the motivation we need to take a particular action.

In the marketing world, when we see others taking interest in a product or service there is a good chance it will spike our motivation to find out more and be part of the crowd. Just think of the buzz, the new iPhone gets every year from social proof it receives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social Proof Advocates Transparency

With the power of social media and the ability for everyone to have a voice, transparency is a huge component within social proof. By withholding information or spinning it is no longer a viable option within today’s tech savvy generation. In order to build brand loyalty, a company must build trust.

One way for a company to build trust and social proof is by getting customer reviews and testimonials from ordinary, typical, everyday people. By having this transparency and no marketing filter shows the human side of the company. And remember, it’s okay if not every review is 5 stars. It shows your company can make mistakes like everyone else.

The Fear of Missing Out Factor

Similar to the sense and comfort of belong, most of us don’t want to miss out on a product, service or experience that others in our social hemisphere have been enjoying or discussing. As a result more people will not want to miss out on the opportunity, which translates into more social discussion, more reviews and more-than-likely more sales for the company.

By encouraging reviews on both your website and social media channels can be an extremely effective way to build that social proof you are looking for.

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